Bitmain announces it's latest miner in 2022 - Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd.

Written by
Sesterce Team

Bitmain announces it's latest miner in 2022 - Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd.

Written by
Sesterce Team

Bitmain announces it's latest miner in 2022 - Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd.

Written by
Sesterce Team

Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd. : First opinion

Hardly two months have passed since Bitmain announced its groundbreaking ASIC miner during World Digital Mining Summit 2021 (WDSM21) held in Dubai, the Antminer S19 XP with 5nm chip. Yet Bitmain has surprised us all with another new ASIC miner. With this latest announcement tech war in ASIC miner just got more fierce with Bitmain outcompeting itself with  S19 Pro+ Hyd.

The S19 Pro+Hyd is company’s first product to combine liquid cooling technology(immersion cooling) along with increased hashpower.

Bitmain S19 Pro+ Hyd. Specifications

S19 Pro+ Hyd is Bitmain's first product that provides out the box liquid cooling technology and It surpasses its predecessor by 41% becoming the world's fastest ASIC.

  • Hashrate: 198TH/s ±3%
  • Power: 5445 Watts ±5%
  • Efficiency: 27.5 Joules/TH±5%
  • Earning: $43.38
  • Algorithm: SHA256
  • Weight: 17.5 Kg

S19 Pro+ Hyd. future orders are available for subscription & will be shipped in May -Sep. 2022 .

The Bitmain's latest Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd. produces 198 TH/s and consumes 5445 W, which means its energy efficiency is 27.5 J/TH and has outcompeted itself in the industry. It is Bitmain's first ever product that provides out of the box liquid cooling tech.

Bitmain S19 series comparison with latest S19 Pro+ Hyd and S19XP

First impression of Bitmain S19 Pro+ Hyd:

Although it is considered as a new variant of the popular S19 series of ASIC Bitcoin miner. The look and design are vastly different from its predecessors, largely due to it's integrated built to support immersion cooling of the machine. Although the Bitmain didn't specify what kind of chips or hardware are being used in this miner, but it might have matching specification of S19 Pro 110 TH/s or of S19XP 140TH/s. The dramatic performance improvement has been achieved via immersion cooling.

Bitmain S19 Pro+ Hyd A

The adoption of immersion cooling has been increasing in recent years as an alternative to traditional air-cooling. With immersion cooling mining machines are immersed in a synthetic hydrocarbon compound liquid that has no electrical conductivity and is fully biodegradable.

This specialized liquid can reduce heat, power consumption and noise stemming from the computers, as well as prolong the lifespan of the machines, allowing miners to maximize profit in an increasingly competitive market.

A miner designed for large mining farms.

Without a doubt it will be an instant hit and will have huge demand in the enterprise mining and mining veterans. who understand immersion cooling. However we fear that this miner is designed and developed for bigger customers like mining farms and might completely exclude retail customers entirely. Here are few reason for that

  • The minimum order quantity: MOQ is 190 for this model, which means the investment for purchasing this miner will be north of $300K.
  • Installation & maintenance: The installation and maintenance of this miner will not be as simple or straight forward as your convention S19s. For those who have used immersion cooling will know that it works very well, but maintenance is complicated. They are much more fragile and logistic will be more complex and more expensive
  • Repairs: With the conventional miner when a fan breaks down, we can easily replace it. However when we have a leak, the liquid can cause other problems and its repair is much more difficult and expensive.
  • The second hand market: With difficult logistics, repair and complex maintenance. A very select miners would be interested in purchasing these miners.

The miner is designed to be used with Bitmain's Antspace HK3 mining container. In fact Bitmain recommends that the ANTMINER S19 Pro+ Hyd. be used simultaneously with the ANTSPACE HK3.

The 8000Kg ANTSPACE HK3(with DWT-T/DWT-C) for S19 Pro+ Hyd

All above reasons might hinder adoption within the retail miners. However for enterprise mining farms , these latest ASIC miners will provide a really competitive edge to win the Block war.

S19 XP and S19 Pro+ Hyd is yet to be available in the market for the detailed review and installation at the moment but Sesterce has previously reviewed all predecessors of S19 and it's variants. If you are interested then here is Review & Installation guide of S19 Pro the predecessor of S19XP.

Where to Buy this Bitcoin Miner ?

S19 Pro + HYD order shipping are expected to start from May -Sep 2022 is currently being made available for enterprise mining farms. It is unlikely that this machine will be available for retail customers in 2022.

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