Written by
Sesterce Team


Written by
Sesterce Team


Written by
Sesterce Team

Mining is the most lucrative and fun way to earn BITCOIN or any other crypto. Your earnings are mostly consistent and predictable.
However, purchasing and running miners can still be considered High Risk High Return investment. So it is important as a Crypto mining investor to do your due diligence all the time. The worst thing that anyone could experience is being scammed, or buying a faulty miner.  

Here is a simple checklist as a guide for you to stay safe & secure your investments.

AVOIDING Scammers While Purchasing the MINER.

If you had purchased Bitcoin miner before you would realize that the most common way that scammers work is by impersonating themselves as a seller. They are spread across all the mining communities over telegram, discord, Facebook and other social platforms. At times scammers might impersonate & contact you as Sesterce employees.

Do not use your usual email IDs to make a purchase on Sesterce

It is safe to assume that your usual email ID that you use for social media, ecommerce purchase etc is publicly available along with all the private data that you don’t want hackers to know.

When you use/create a unique email address which is only known by the company, your personal information is much more secure. Additionally any other external communication received on this email must be suspicious or scam.

Buy only from the website and confirm the Sesterce website URL

We at Sesterce sell our miners and services only from our official website: the Sesterce Shop

Our team members are available on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram , Facebook , Youtube and Linkedin but it exists exclusively for support.

You can always connect with us via our email ID or you can always leave a message in the help bubble  on our website. Our team is always happy to see you connect with us.

Beware of Impersonators:

We have noticed a few incidents, where scammers impersonate Sesterce Employees with malicious intents. Their usual modus operandi(M.O) is to use fake social profiles and contacting you via fake emails and DMs. Sesterce Sales Team will never initiate a private message and will redirect you to our website for any purchase. For bulk orders our sales team will always share an official communication via email.

For any doubts or concerns always connect with us directly here

Always keep your crypto wallet safe

This is one kind of a no-brainer but for the sake of  crypto newbies: keep your wallet secure and do not share your wallets seed phrase with anyone, not even with Sesterce employees.
Word of wise: Your wallet’s seed phrase is a method to access and recover your cryptocurrency wallet. It is not linked to a particular cryptocurrency, and can be used to access an entire portfolio of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and other digital assets. Therefore, keeping a seed phrase private and ensuring that it won't be lost is critical, as it is the only way to access and recover a wallet and all of its content. Anyone getting access to a seed phrase can take control of its wallet's content and transfer it elsewhere. Save it at multiple secure locations.

Due Diligence while buying a second hand miner 

Buying a second hand miner is even more tricky then a new one. Since second hand miners come with limited to no warranty and differentiating a genuine seller from a fake one is really difficult, which means you need to be extra careful while buying them.
Here is recommended Twitter Thread that you should consider:

Pro Tip: Join telegram groups where scams are reported and scammer's data is maintained by the community.

Else join Sesterce's community where you can always get answers to your questions and further miners guide.:

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