Sesterce Celebrates its third Anniversary with a fresh new Sesterce experience

Written by
Sesterce Team

Sesterce Celebrates its third Anniversary with a fresh new Sesterce experience

Written by
Sesterce Team

Sesterce Celebrates its third Anniversary with a fresh new Sesterce experience

Written by
Sesterce Team

Sesterce Celebrates its third Anniversary with a fresh new Sesterce experience with a feature rich dashboard

A preview of fresh new Sesterce experience

Sesterce, an ecosystem which provides a complete solution for crypto mining services through hardware and centralized reporting, announced the launch of its new platform to make investments in crypto mining more accessible and easy to understand for the general public.

The France based Crypto Mining tech provider has built an ecosystem where users – crypto-miners, investors, and newbies alike - can reliably invest in Bitcoin via mining hardware.

To further celebrate this milestone Sesterce has announced multiple giveaways on their Twitter profile and Discord server. "Sesterce Conversation Contest" is open for all.


  • Bitcoin !! worth $500
  • Umbrel Server, Keep your identity private with your own private server with Bitcoin and Lightning node.
  • Indestructible hardware wallet backup, secure your recovery phrase on 6mm thick bulletproof titanium by CRYPTOTAG.

How to participate:

  • All individuals can participate by simply joining the conversations happening on Sesterce's Discord/Twitter thread. Share your views or opinions in the ongoing topic.
  • Making contributions in the conversation will considered as a valid participation.
  • Join Discord  server
  • follow on Twitter
Sesterce conversations Contest on Discord & Twitter

This new ecosystem provides following key services

Powerful crypto mining hardware

Sesterce curates a great selection of Crypto mining rigs from all popular mining brands such as BITMAN, Antminers, MICROBT, and Innosilicon in Sesterce’s very own online store, complete with an accurate and up-to-date ROI calculator. These miners are shipped to the retail & enterprise customers worldwide. The mining industry is still in its growth stage and more people want to join the mining community. Sesterce supports these new mining adopters Sesterce by providing detailed information & knowledge in easy to understand formats, ensuring that they have the right knowledge to start their mining journey. Every Sesterce product contains an informative miner review, tests & installation guide.

Additionally, every miner sold by Sesterce goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance test to ensure high standards in an industry that has struggled with quality in the past.

Smart Dashboard and simplified support for mining rigs:

The customer journey doesn't end after the sale of the miner. A smart Dashboard with integrated sales service, warranty, maintenance & support makes for a smooth start to the crypto mining journey.

By having a single stop solution for hardware, installation, and other supports, miners can make a more informed and wiser decision by easily comparing different solutions along with a real-time RoI calculator for each option.

New Sesterce :Crypto mining for all

“Sesterce is championing for Crypto adoption by masses and should not be limited to just a small group. It has been and remains our goal to launch affordable Crypto products available to different markets and industries. Cheaper, affordable mining solutions with the latest technology is important because mining is the backbone, and upon this backbone the entire network is created. Better mining solutions in the market will enable more adoption.” said Youssef Manssouri, Co-founder and CEO, Sesterce Group.

In recent years cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed in popularity along the number of coins available in the market. A total of 101 million unique crypto asset users across 191 million accounts opened at service providers in Q3 2020. This 189% increase in users shows no signs of decline. Paypal’s announcement of new services enabling its customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency sent cryptocurrency prices rocketing. For miners, this presents a lucrative opportunity and miners will continue to mine crypto coins aggressively for the forthcoming spike in demand.

“We want to provide affordable and high-performing Crypto mining solutions for miners and new adopters. Thanks to our unique offering, we hope that Sesterce will become a market leader in the digital currency market where Crypto currency — like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin — is more popular and in demand than ever before. Our ultimate goal is to help increase crypto adoption in the masses while providing hassle-free mining solutions for miners.,” said Anthony Tchakerian, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Sesterce Group


Sesterce is a 3-year-old, self-funded company and is now one of the most trusted crypto mining solutions providers in Europe & worldwide. The company runs on a new kind of decentralized organization with a team distributed on 3 different continents and with agile methodologies.

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